Being the youngest child in a very musical family, Sydney Price started writing songs at a very young age.  The moment she heard Joni Mitchell sing was the moment she knew what she wanted to do with her life.  Sydney followed in her brother and sister's footsteps attending Booker T.  Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas, Texas.  It was there she began developing her craft as a musican.  Sydney's song writing skills were validated after winning first prize in the 2005 John Lennon songwriting contest sponsored by Yoko Ono and BMI.  After high school, she moved to New York City where she studied Jazz and Contemporary Music at the New School and met Richard Harper, her voice teacher.  It was Richard who helped Sydney sharpen her vocal skills.  His impact, the influences of songwriters like Lucinda Williams and Patty Griffin, and the admiration for icons like Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald, Elis Regina, Jewel, and Leontyne Price (hoping somehow they might be related) are what has developed her rich and diverse abilitites as a singer/songwriter.  Sydney has spent the last several years writing and performing  throughout New York City for several bands including The Loom and Northwood. Her natural gift for story telling captures the hearts of the audience everytime.  Sydney lives in Brooklyn, New York and continues to venture down south to perform and collaborate with her family.

Mack Jr.

Mack Price, a graduate of Berklee College of Music, and ten year veteran of New York's rich and diverse music scene, is a musician and performer of the highest caliber. He has played music for thousands of audiences in the United States and abroad. Mack continues to hone his special blend of high energy guitar playing, blending the techniques of his rock and jazz luminaries. Mixing Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, and Eddie Van Halen with the contemporary icons Wayne Shorter, Pat Metheny, and Kurt Rosenwinkel has resulted in his unique and creative sound that is guaranteed to entertain and inspire the listener. His innate understanding for strings also allowed him to excel with the Blueman Group in New York. It was there he mastered the electric zither that is an integral part of their internationally acclaimed production. Additionally, he leads his own band "The Prigs" and continues to write, produce, and perform with them. Currently, Mack performs with Texas music and Nashville songwriting icon, Jamie Richards in the Texas country music scene.  He also writes and records music with Big Brain Music, a production house and music library supplier.  Mack currently resides in his hometown of Dallas, Texas where he continues to write, record, and perform his own music as well as collaborate with his family.  

Mack Sr.

Out of a rich, musically-saturated background, composer Mack Price is an accomplished musician who has produced music for a variety of media projects ranging from soaring orchestral scores to hard-core rock and EDM soundtracks.  His work includes scores for several award winning documentary films, network signatures and custom themes, and orginal sonic brands for multiple premier cable networks such as CNN, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel.  Additionally, Mack has used his skills behind the guitar as a performer, playing alongside such greats as Chuck Berry and Charlie Rich and opening for music legends Ray Charles and Chet Atkins.  But, his greatest pleasure is getting to play alongside his talented son and daughter.  Originally from Arkansas, Mack has called Dallas, Texas home for the last 40 years.